Lewiston, Idaho Wedding Photographer | Austin + Ally

I recently visited Lewiston, Idaho, which is my hometown,  to photograph Day After wedding shots for Austin and Ally.  As a Lewiston, Idaho wedding photographer I have some absolute favorite hidden spots to go take photos. Austin and Ally were totally up for it because they opted to do a "Day After" session with me. They basically got dressed back up into their wedding attire and we just went exploring and took awesome photos!   Austin and Ally are seriously the cutest couple! I have known Austin for several years now, but just recently met Ally. I can see why Austin has fallen head over heels for her! She is so easy to love!

Austin serves for the United States Air Force and they recently have had to move out of the country. I love following their adventures on Facebook and seeing where life is taking them as newlyweds. I have to admit that I am a little jealous of all of the beautiful locations they have been going to!

I have to tell a funny story about these two. When they were snuggled up, I told Austin to whisper something in Ally's ear.  Austin was being such a boy and he whispered, "I just farted" into Ally's ear! Try and see if you can find that photograph in this collection.

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